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MVP Service

MVP Service Plan

Maximum Value & Protection

Geerts Cares for Your Equipment, So You Don’t Have To

MVP Service Plan
$ 149
  • 16 point furnace inspection each year
  • 14 point air conditioning inspection each year
  • 10% discount on all parts!
  • No after hours or holiday charges!
  • Special discounts on unit replacements!
  • Priority Scheduling!
2 visits per year give you peace of mind that your home comfort systems are functioning reliably, efficiently, and safely.

Heating System Tune-up:

  • Inspect furnace filter – Replace if needed (Additional $ may apply)
  • Inspect burners, pilot assembly and sensors-Clean if applicable
  • Safety check heat exchanger for cracks or damage
  • Check and lubricate blower motor and moving parts if necessary
  • Check flue for proper draft
  • Check humidifier -Replace evaporator pad if needed (Additional $ may apply)
  • Inspect thermocouple -Replace if needed (Additional $ may apply)
  • Inspect air for burner efficiency
  • Check fan limit controls
  • Check wiring
  • Check condensate drain and pump. Clean if needed
  • Check and clean condensate trap
  • Check thermostat
  • Check safety control
  • Check pressure switches
  • Check system operation/Evaluate performance

Cooling System Tune-up:

  • Check all wiring and connectors
  • Check condensate drain and pump
  • Check and clean condensate trap
  • Check compressor contactors
  • Inspect furnace filter – Replace if needed (Additional $ may apply)
  • Check belt and adjust tension
  • Check condenser coil & clean if needed
  • Test voltage and amp draw of compressor
  • Check condenser fan motor
  • Check and adjust thermostat
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Visual check for leaks
  • Monitor refrigerant pressure
  • Add needed lbs. of R-22 / R-410A (Additional $ may apply)

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List of Average Air Conditioning Repair Cost

The air conditioning repair costs listing below are for reference only.

$225 – $1600
*Type, amount, etc varies

$120 – $590
*Depends on availability in most cases

$125 – $470

$200 – $650
*may include refrigerant

$1350 – $2300
*Size and type variables

$1900 – $2900
*Not evap coil